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Our 'At All Ages' Approach

At Empowered we are passionate about coaching women at all stages through the lifespan. Our programs are designed to address the unique needs and goals of women at different stages of life. From teenage girls to mature women, our programs provide tailored workouts, expert guidance, motivation and a sense of community, to help women achieve their fitness objectives at any age. Our goal is to foster lifelong fitness and well-being for women of all ages.

Junior Classes: Tuesday & Thursday 3:30pm for those aged 7-12years. These sessions focus on fostering a love for exercise and movement.

Teen Classes: Monday & Wednesday 3:30pm for those aged 12-16years. These sessions focus on promoting a healthy body image, building self-confidence, and developing good exercise habits.

Senior Classes: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10am for those aged 50+. These sessions focus on maintaining mobility, improving balance, and enhancing overall functional fitness.

Pre&Post-Natal Support: Our studio & coaches are well-equipped to support women during the pre- and postnatal periods. Each of our sessions can be modified for those in pre&post-natal periods.



Tuesday & Thursday 3:30pm

No Lock in




Monday & Wednesday 3:30pm

No Lock In



Monday & Wednesday 10am

No Lock In


10 Class Package

Casual Class Passes

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